Rafa Mayer

Rafa and I have been friends for the last decade. I’m always impressed by Rafa’s huge smile and infectious positive energy. On a trek through the Andes, we hiked with llamas, camped outside of the home of locals, drank chicha with locals, and danced under the stars of the high altiplano desert to stay warm. Rafa is the founder of Say Hueque, an adventure travel company based in Buenos Aires.

What is your everyday magic?

Connecting with my own joy and to myself.

I’m always striving to get even more happiness. Positive thinking is fuel for me. We all have choices – why not choose joy and to be grateful?

Sometimes I contemplate, what would I do if time and money was indefinite? I know I would do something similar to what I do now, just with more time for exercise, family and friends.

What are the tactics and strategies to make the everyday magic?

If I start the day with the things I know are good for me, like running or yoga, it sets me up for success to tackle the bigger stuff.

I’m not always in control of what’s happening every day, but I do get to decide how I react. And, I am always kind. Even something as simple as smiling can change someone’s day, and the energy comes back to me. It becomes a kind of a happy cycle!

What does success look like for you?

Success is about being honest with myself and taking the time to periodically balance and rebalance. Coaching has been great for that and has allowed me to think about what do I want now, in this moment of my life. I feel like I’m an alchemist in that way, a little bit more of this…a little bit less of that.

The right balance has changed for me over time. Last year, my business grew a lot and demanded a lot of my attention. While it needed happen, this year I’m focusing on how to build more personal time back in and even start taking Fridays off again. It will also be healthy for my business and my relationships and allow me to be more creative and focus on what I am good at.

What advice do you have for others?

Traveling with my family has been a great way for us to authentically connect with each other outside of our comfort zone. A few years ago, we took a long trip Myanmar together even though the kids were very young. Every time we travel, the kids become more curious and have questions about people and other cultures. When we’re traveling, we’re much more like a team, especially in more remote places. The connection that we share in those places carries on in our everyday lives and the memories last for years.

Traveling like that isn’t for every family, but if it’s in your DNA as it is in ours, why wait?