Russel Zink

Russ and his partner, Sean are living the dream.

When they are not at home in their master kitchen cooking their latest creations, they are sailing and exploring all over the world.

I was lucky enough to plan their recent trip of a lifetime to Patagonia. They were so spoiled rotten on that trip that when the trip ended, they were depressed for a solid week.

Russ's side kick is CK, pictured here.

What is your everyday magic?

  • Discovering context, logic and connections between people, music art, society, and nature
  • Being honest
  • Figuring out how to simultaneously contribute and have fun
  • Seeing the humor in everything
  • Being inspired by everyday heroics

What strategy and tactics to you utilize to live your best life?

  • Have goals and deliverables that are tangible
  • Prioritize getting the most important things done by being organized and reflecting which allows for a surplus of time to just enjoy life
  • Get enough exercise and eat well for clarity
  • Focus on the good and the potential to make it happen
  • Consider opportunity costs to make the best decisions
  • Be mindful of other people's time

What are your top 3 tips for success?

  1. Ask lots of engaged questions and be curious of yourself and others
  2. Use inductive reasoning to assess trend/direction/opportunities - and be comfortable with risk
  3. Be generous with your energy and gifts

What one book do you want to give everyone you know because you believe it has the power to change lives?

"Being Peace" by Thich Nhat Hanh - very absorbable, can calm almost any monkey brain down

About Russ
I'm number four of five siblings. My mother was a pianist & teacher and my father was a physicist. I am so lucky to have one intergalactically-amazing adult daughter a wonderful, kind and generous partner.

I love the outdoors & nature nature, music, dogs, art, gardening, and architecture. With a background in Information & Business Strategy development along with alignment & implementation, I enjoy geeking out on structured change, problem solving.

I value everyday heroes, kindness & creativity, leadership & communication.