Zarina Kopyrina is a musician, shaman, and healer from Yakutia in Russia’s Northern Siberia. She’s the most radiant woman I’ve ever met, and she seems to carry with her a pure white light from the North.

Zarina is the founder and creator of the Olox Neoshamanism project which brings together ancient and modern technologies to maintain a balance between the ‘three worlds’. Zarina channels animals and their sounds and teaches us how to call forth their spirit. My favorite sound that Zarina has taught me is the reindeer breath, which helps the reindeer with their energy as they migrate across the Arctic.

“It’s all about consciousness. When I go to do something, I remember that I’m a Yakutian girl, and I’m responsible for each movement I make and each word I say. Everything is a kind of ritual. This is especially true in crowded spaces and cities where it’s hard to be centered. I remind myself about my roots and my ancestors and it brings me back to my center, to my happy childhood, and to my homeland”.

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