Anna Maria Botero

I met Anna on a quiet evening walking the cobble stone streets of the magical colonial town of Barichara. Within two minutes of knowing me, Anna was gracious enough to invite me into her beautiful home, where I got to know her over the coming days. Anna reminds me to be generous with time, and to live with intention. I’m ever grateful to have the opportunity to get to know her and her partner, Pilar along with their beautiful community.

I interviewed Anna Maria on a night in Colombia and I love the night sounds and how clear and intentional she is with her answers:

About Anna Maria

Anna Maria has always had a great passion for nature and animals. She lived in the jungle and studied biology in another chapter of her life. She then studied art history in England, and fell in love with pottery. She studied and perfected her art for a decade in Mexico, and then in Japan where she learned the soul of ceramics and that in nature, every element has a spirit. Her worries about what we are doing to our planet are reflected in her pieces. Her works have been on exhibit in numerous cities in Colombia, Mexico, the US, Venezuela, and the former Yugoslavia. Anna loves spending time with her partner Pilar, their horses and dogs, and an amazing circle of friends in Barichara, the countryside outside of Bogota, and New York City.

Art by Anna Maria Botero